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Twinkle, twinkle

Boston Ballet’s ‘Night of Stars’
For some 15 years now, Boston Ballet has danced like a major international ballet company, and Mikko Nissinen wants to be sure everybody’s aware of that.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  January 31, 2008


How it's done

Jonathan McPhee and the Longwood Symphony perform Beethoven's Ninth
The problem with the Ninth is that it gets played like a monument.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  October 10, 2007


Bogus Bess

Elizabeth: The Golden Age is leaden
“History,” Winston Churchill told us, “is written by the victors.”
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  October 10, 2007


Mais oui!

Opening Night at the BSO
“Ici on parle français” was the watchword at the BSO’s 2007 “Opening Night at Symphony” last evening.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  October 10, 2007


The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising

A smirky and sore temptation
It’s never a good idea to judge a movie by the book it was adapted from.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  October 05, 2007


The Jane Austen Book Club

Jane would find another movie
Robin Swicord’s film posits a book club of six Californians meeting once a month to discuss Jane Austen’s novels.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  September 19, 2007


Notre ami Pierrot

Jean-Luc Godard’s 1965 omnibus rides again
“Film is like a battleground,” American director Sam Fuller pronounces famously at the cocktail party in Pierrot le fou .
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  September 12, 2007


Our town?

Garrison Keillor on his new novel of Lake Wobegon
“Evelyn was an insomniac so when they say she died in her sleep, you have to question that.”
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  September 12, 2007


Innocents abroad?

The BSO prepares to go on tour
Great symphony orchestras don’t just play at home.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  August 22, 2007


Michelangelo Antonioni

1912 – 2007
It seems inherently wrong to be writing an obituary for Michelangelo Antonioni, who died July 30 in Rome, just a day after we lost Ingmar Bergman.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  August 08, 2007


Leader of the pack

Cesar Millan and Dog Whisperer
“When good dogs go bad,” goes the voiceover introduction, “there’s one man who’s their best friend. Cesar Millan.”
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  August 06, 2007


Digital or timeless?

‘Opening Night at Tanglewood,’ the Dutch and the Danes at Jacob’s Pillow, ‘The Unknown Monet’ at the Clark
Garrison Keillor went into one of his trademark reveries and began to tell us about Tanglewood’s “designer” fireworks.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  July 18, 2007


Auto didacts

Car Talk turns 20
Is Car Talk the most-listened-to program on National Public Radio?
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  June 19, 2007


Retro rocket

Nancy Drew lifts off on screen
Andrew Fleming’s Nancy Drew kicks off with a mystery that eluded even our supersleuth.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  June 13, 2007


Nancy Drew: Music from the Motion Picture

Nancy Drew: Music from the Motion Picture | Bulletproof
What do Ned Nickerson and the Nancy Drew soundtrack have in common? Neither gets in Nancy’s way.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  June 13, 2007
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