VIDEO: Obama Victory Speech from Grant Park

The Phoenix's Chris Faraone is in Grant Park, Twittering like a fool. Here's the full Obama victory speech, followed by Faraone's updates live from the ground. 



12:30 pm: Hurry up Chicago. Get to Grant Park now and you can be the first in line for the non ticketed area.

1:20 pm: About 200 people in line at Grant Park so far. 150 of them are hack journalists.

2:49 pm: The line at Grant Park just spilled into the street. About 400 deep.

5:45 pm: They're letting the unticketed folks into Grant Park!

7:26 pm: In pure socialist fashion people without tixx got into Grant Park first.

7:45 pm: The Boston Phoenix is officially inside Grant Park.

7:52 pm: The Porta Potties have arrived at Grant Park in Chicago. No shit.

8:36 pm: Heads here loving the attention from Wolfie Blitzer.

9:25 pm: Puff that Question 2 Boston.

10:17 pm: On behalf of everyone in Grant Park: Up yours John McCain.

10:24 pm: The streets outside Grant Park are jammed.

11:05 pm: Straight peace out here yo.

11:07 pm: People are already campaigning to get the Olympics here in 2012.

11:23 pm: Heads are steadily moving off the street and into the park.

11:27 pm: Hear the aftermath report on FNX tomorrow morning at 7:30 y'all.

11:27 pm: Rumors that Kanye is in the building.

11:28 pm: Waiting on Oprah over here.

11:39 pm: There are 10 million people out here. I counted.

12:04 am: Tears everywhere.

12:52 am: No riots folks. My faith in this city is vindicated.

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